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Unformatted text preview: UCLA Department of Asian American Studies A SIAN A MERICAN S TUDIES 30: A SIAN A MERICAN L ITERATURE AND C ULTURE Prof. Victor Bascara Short Paper Fall 2009 W e are not new here. -Jeffrey Paul Chan, Frank Chin, et al., “Preface to Aiiieeeee!” L ately my father has taken to saying fuck/ when he gets mad, a phrase first learned/ years ago from the cholos and homeboys/ who bought Colt 45 and gallon jugs of Rhine Wine/ from his Korean liquor store/ in Barrio Puente.-John Song, “Fairways” (first 6 lines) a y, manong/ your old brown hands/ hold life, many lives / within each crack / a story-Virginia Cerenio, “you lovely people” (last 5 lines) In this first part of the quarter, we are looking at a diverse set of shorter texts in order to discern what the body of work we’re calling “Asian American literature and culture” is and what it does. In other words, we have been recognizing and appreciating Asian American culture through the analysis of objects ranging from a short story, a poem,...
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