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CI 435/CS417 Games Simulations and Virtual Reality Sharon Tettegah r uter Science 17/.html Assistant Professo Education and Comp vailable for office hours online by appointment only. A Tentative for assignments/assignments are available in Moodle and released weekly online. Course Information edia, we are faced with decisions once not known in our e What is computer assisted instruction? What is Web based Instruction? What is the ruct s we go through the course we will discuss universal design for all learning, cognition, ithin these areas we will engage in dialogue on the differences between games, Course requirements: For this course you are required to do the following: Attend all online synchronous and asynchronous sessions ing to the weekly forums on the number the age of complex electronic m In everyday lives. Our lives are changing at a rapid pace. Individuals are spending as much tim online in virtual environments, if not more, compare to offline in the physical environments. difference between instruction and training? Does an individual facilitate, teach, inst or train? I am sure many of you have thought about these differences? A education, and technology, toys, games and media, and serious games. W simulations and virtual reality applications. Read all assigned articles, chapters, and websites Required participation in threaded discussions Actively participate in online discussions Complete all assignments that require post Complete a final project as a part of a team (to be assigned depending in the course) Page 1 Games, Simulations and Virtual Reality: Spring 2008
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CI 435/ Gam C fo A 3 p co EDUCAU next 5 ye equire R d he Stat T e ISBN-10: Cognition Johansson Avatars a Ralph Sch 3898-3 (e Playing v Bryant. IS Netw crea net /CS417 Ga es, Sim u Complete an ont, nor mo April 24, so g 3% of your roject (team omposite to USE and the ears, and tim d Books: e of Play: law 0-8147-9972 n, Education, n. ISBN: 0-80 at Work and P hroeder and A e-book). {AW video games: SBN 0-8058- working u ated conte and socia tworking ( years) mes Simul ulations individual re than 11 p get started e grade is bas grade), and tal of 300 po e New Medi e-to-adoptio , Games, and 2-8 ISBN-13: , and Commu 058-4280-2. { Play: Collabo Ann-Sofie A P} Motives, Res 5322-7. {PVG user ent, l (1 2 lations and and Vi r paper (no le pages, not in early) sed on your d 34% is bas oints for the a Consortium on: d Virtual Wo 978-0-8147- unication Tec {CET} oration and I xelsson. ISBN sponses, and G} Mobile P virtual w ye d Virtual R rtual Re ess than 10 d ncluding ref weekly post sed on your e course. m stated six
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Course_Syllabus_CI435_CS417_Spring_2008 - CI 435/CS417...

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