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Chapter XXVIII (St. Augustine, Confessions , 1955 translation by A.C. Outler) Reading for visit by Matthew Tibeault on 9/30/2008 ([email protected]) Tis short reading is considered by many to be the first discussion of time Fom a philo- sophical standpoint. Music, one of the arts deeply involved with, resonates with the dis- cussion of time as presented by Augustine. In music education, one of the central goals is to help listeners construct an experience with a piece that passes by moment to moment, it demands that we can truck and experience based on a larger whole. In our time to- gether, we will look at a few pieces in a way that try to assist us in this effort. It is worth remembering that Augustine (354-430 A.D.) would haVe recited the psalm he describes without reference to a physical written text as it was an aural culture. 37. But how is the future diminished or consumed when it does not yet exist? Or how does the past, which exists no longer, increase, unless it is that in the mind
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