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For this assignment, we will start to think about how to go about presenting a piece of music for deep- er enjoyment or understanding. Whether leading students through an exercise in music appreciation, speaking about a piece at a performance where you are the conductor, or working to teach about the music your ensemble is performing, the ability to make sense of a piece of music so that others can better understand it is a critical skill for music educators. You should listen to the piece 8 to 10 times, each time taking notes and thinking about what this piece of music has to offer. You can hear, but not download, a recording of this piece on our Ning site (in the music player). In class, I handed out an 11 x 17 inch piece of paper, le± blank save for a depiction of the song’s amplitude (in stereo). Use this paper to sketch out your ideas while you listen. If you missed
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Unformatted text preview: class, I le a few copies where the handouts are usually found in the lab, and you can stop by during lab hours anytime before Tuesday to pick one up (but get on as soon as possible). Heres what you will turn in: Before class: you will digitally respond to the forum here on the Ning. e forum asks, what are your rst impressions of this piece? What might be an interesting aspect to focus upon in presenting or teaching this piece? Do you have any ideas for activities to explore this piece? At class: you will physically hand in your 11 x 17 piece of paper. You should use this paper when you are listening to mark things that are of interest and otherwise think about teaching the piece. You will not be graded on this, rather it will simply be acceptable/unacceptable....
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