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Criminal Procedure 3/24/08 US v Rodney Facts Rodney stepped off a bus that arrived in Washington DC from New York As he got off the bus 2 plain clothes officers approached him and identifies himself and asks Rodney to talk to him Rodney claimed he lived in Florida and was visiting to find his wife and named a street she lived on but not a number They asked him to search his bag and he consented and nothing was found They asked if he was carrying drugs on him and he said no then they asked to search him and he said sure
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Unformatted text preview: Officer searched and felt small rocks in his crouch area and Rodney proclaimed “That’s me!” Officers didn’t believe him so the arrested him and brought him to the police station At the station the continued the search and found cocaine in the crouch area Question Did Dylan Rodney consent to a search of his crouch? • Yes Reason This was nothing more than a Terry frisk and he consented to a body search so any reasonable person would expect a light search of the crouch too...
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