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Unformatted text preview: Screenings Notes for Class #8 Performance FTVDM – 188B Prof. Deland Nuse Technical Approach In the beautifully modulated performance by Cate blanchett as Queen Elizabeth, we are given a woman who is strong, sympathetic, and yet unfulfilled. Tragically, she cannot control the kingdom of love and desire. Political necessity can be heartbreaking, painful and also deadly. Tom Courtenay and his fellow actors performed Billy Liar on stage and were consequently very well rehearsed. Their techniques and internalized understanding of their characters were second nature by the time of filming. The film is a evocative blend of documentary realism and fantasy that suggests a familiarity with the work of Fellini. 2 Method Approach On The Waterfront Inside-out. Internal emotions drive physical expressions, breaking down the fourth wall between audience and performer. Marlon Brando challenges Eva Marie Saint’s idealism and her faith in humanity with his cynicism. Brando: Listen, down here it’s every man for himself. It’s keeping alive… I’d rather live like an animal than end up like— EMS: Like Joey? Are you afraid to mention his name? Network Inside-out. An Academy Award winning performance from Faye Dunaway. I’ve been telling you people since I took this job six months ago…that I want angry shows. Look, all I’m saying is, if you’re going to hustle, at least do it right. 3 Rebel Without a Cause James Dean had an unrivaled talent for the use of his body as an expressive instrument. He moves with the lyrical truth of a dancer; always in the moment, nothing else matters. We cannot help but watch him. Chicken? Don’t call me that. Technical and Method together Classically trained Sir Laurence Olivier practices the art of gentle dentistry on method actor Dustin Hoffman. Is it safe? 4 Films Screened in Class Billy Liar. Dir. John Schlesinger. DVD. The Criterion Collection, 1963. Elizabeth The Golden Age. Dir. Shekhar Kapur. DVD. Universal, 2007. Marathon Man. Dir. John Schlesinger. DVD. Paramount Home Video, 1976. Network. Dir. Sidney Lumet. DVD. Warner Brothers Home Video, 1976. On The Waterfront. Dir. Eliz Kazan. DVD. Columbia-Tristar Home Entertainment, 1954. Raging Bull. Dir. Martin Scorsese. DVD. MGM Home Entertainment, 1980. Rebel Without A Cause. Dir. Nicholas Ray. DVD. Warner Brothers Home Video, 1955. ...
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