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Unformatted text preview: Screenings Notes for Class #8 Directors, Style, and World Cinema FTVDM 188B Prof. Deland Nuse The atmospheric world of The Third Man Director Carol Reed creates an atmospheric world of light and dark in the ruins of a post- war Vienna. Visiting American author, Holly Martins, is visually out of place in this city of divided loyalties and moral ambiguities. Note the Dutch tilt of the camera. Black market criminal, Harry Lime, seeks escape through the sewers of Vienna. His descent into the underworld provides a visual correlate to his moral status. For Reed , life is unfair, and things usually dont work out. Anna ignores and passes a disappointed Holly as the leaves gently fall in counterpoint to the music of a Zither. Possibly the most famous rejection scene in all of cinema. 2 The formal world and the rituals of life in Late Spring Hara Setsuko is a bit too comfortable in her role as the dutiful Professors daughter. She is under pressure from her family and friends to find a husband and begin her own life. In Ozus cinema, the currents of change in life must be met with resignation and acceptance....
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Screening_Notes_8 - Screenings Notes for Class #8...

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