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Sample Midterm 2 Exam Part 1: Multiple Choice. (5 pts each, 40 pts total) Instructions: Bubble in the correct answer on your Scantron form AND circle the answer on your exam. Each question has one correct answer. 1.) The answer to question 1 is A . Bubble in A on your Scantron form. 2.) To which orbital does the plot of | ψ | 2 vs φ correspond? A.) 1s B.) 2s C.) 2p x D.) 2p y E.) 2p z 3.) The ionization of which with UV light at 90 nm will produce electrons with the longest de Broglie wavelength? 4.) Identify the atom or ion with the electronic configuration [Ne]3s3p 6 ? A.) Ar + B.) K + C.) Ar D.) K E.) Cl ° 5.) Which has the largest atomic or ionic radius? 0 | ψ | 2 2 π 0 φ
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Page 2 of 4 Name: _________________________________________ 6.) Which is the most electronegative?
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