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Your name __________________ Grade this page___ 1 Chem 104A - Midterm II Total Exam Score ____ closed text, closed notes, no calculators There are 100 total points. General advice - if you are stumped by one problem, move on to finish other problems and come back later if time permits. You may use the whole class period. A. General (10 points) 2 Points Each ____ True or false (Enter T or F on line) next to statement: _ T _ 1. A linear molecule has 3N-5 normal modes, where N is the number of atoms. _ T _ 2. Nuclear excitations often involve gamma rays. _ T _ 3. _ F _ 4. Molecules are free to rotate at any velocity. _ T _ 5. Electronic excitations often involve energies of several eV. B. Lewis Diagrams (10 points) 2 Points Each ____ 1. Complete a Lewis diagram for one resonance structure of NO 3 - (include a double bond, and identify formal charges): electrons = 5 + 3(6) = 24 2. Do more resonance structures make for greater or less stability? _ greater _ 3. Draw a resonance structure with all single bonds, and identify the formal charges. 4. Is this structure more or less likely than the first structure you drew? less 5. Why? The first structure minimizes the number of non-zero formal charges
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Your name __________________ Grade this page___ 2 C. Vibrational Spectroscopy (30 points) 2 Points each answer. ____ Shown below are some vibrational modes for XeF 4 . a. b. c. d. 1. How many vibrational modes will this molecule have? _3N-6 = 9_ 2. What is the point group for this molecule? _D 4h _ 3.
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Chem104-Spring04-mt2-Cramer-soln - Your name _ Chem 104A -...

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