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Biochemistry 441, Winter 2010 Problem set #2 1. Suppose you wish to modify the natural photosynthetic system found in algae to make it more efficient. We can define efficiency as the ratio A / B , where A is the free energy stored in chemical products (e.g., carbohydrates) per unit time and unit surface area, and B is the incident irradiance of sunlight (energy striking the surface per unit time and unit surface area). B depends on the location (latitude), season, time of day and cloud cover, so let’s consider noon on a clear, mid-summer day in Arizona. Because you are very skillful at genetic engineering, you propose to grow genetically modified algae in glass tanks. Assume that you have worked out the problems of controlling the temperature, circulating the water, flushing the solution with gas to bring in CO 2 and remove O 2 , extracting the desired products, and keeping the glass clean. Make a list of factors that could limit the efficiency of photosynthesis under these conditions,
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