4-2-08 - would have to be removed and posted notices on...

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Criminal Procedure 4/2/08 Board of Education v Earls Facts Policy implemented in the school was that anyone part of an extracurricular activities are able to get drug tested before and random drug test while part of the group Question Was the student urinalysis testing reasonable? Yes Reason Students have reduced rights and since this policy doesn’t included every student and the testing does not unreasonably violate the students right or privacy it is okay Commonwealth v Neilson Facts Eric Neilson lived in a dormitory at Fitchburg State College and during the move in he signed a contract stating “residence life staff members will enter student rooms to inspect for hazards to health or personal safety” A maintenance worker heard a cat inside the four bedroom suite and notified officials Officials went to the room and talked to an individual telling them that the cat
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Unformatted text preview: would have to be removed and posted notices on each room door stating that a search will occur to make sure the cat was removed During the search of Neilsons room they saw a light coming from the closet and because of fear of a fire they opened the door and found two marihuana plants and what was needed to cultivate it At no point did they even seek, obtain, or possess a warrant for the search Question Was the search of the dormitory room reasonable? No Reason The initial search and the officials opening the closet was legal and reasonable but when the police got involved without a warrant it was unreasonable The sole purpose of the polices no warrant entry was to gather drugs and evidence...
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4-2-08 - would have to be removed and posted notices on...

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