Tech711 - Data& Observations See spectra Results...

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Tech711-- Using NMR Spectroscopy to Identify an Unknown Organic Compound Introduction: The purpose of this lab was to derive the identity of an unknown compound using nuclear  magnetic resonance analysis. We were also to interpret the spectrum for 4- propylbenzaldehyde.  Procedure: To begin this experiment, as a class we gathered a sample of 4-propoxybenzaldehyde. and  ran the sample in the spectrometer in order to learn how to use it. Next, we each prepared a  sample of a solid and a liquid unknown in an NMR vial. We left the vials for our instructors to  run in the spectrometer. Once our spectra were ready, we used a computer program to  identify the peaks and the integrals on the spectrum. 
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Unformatted text preview: Data & Observations: See spectra Results: Identity of solid sample: C ₁₄ H ₁₀ O ₂ Identity of liquid sample: C ₅ H ₁₂ Post Lab Questions : See spectra. Conclusion: At the conclusion of this experiment, we identified our compounds as C ₁₄ H ₁₀ O and ₂ C ₅ H ₁₂ 0. I think this experiment was successful because we correctly labeled our peaks on the spectra and we were able to confirm the identity of our unknowns. There was not really any possible sources of error other than misreading the spectra, as we used a machine to do produce the spectra....
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Tech711 - Data& Observations See spectra Results...

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