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ECEN 444: Digital Signal Processing, Fall‘09 Homework #2 Homework Assignment #2 Due date – Sep. 25, 2009 (Fri), 12:40PM in class. Problem 1. Properties of discrete-time systems (12 points) Solve problem P2.7 (b), (f), (i), (g), in the textbook. Problem 2. Linearity (7 points) Solve problem P2.10 in the textbook. Problem 3. Time-invariance
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Unformatted text preview: (7 points) Solve problem P2.11 in the textbook. Problem 4. Convolution (12 points) Solve problem P2.16 (b2), (b8), (b9) in the textbook. Problem 5. Convolution (12 points) Solve problem P2.17 in the textbook. * Hint: If you have solved (a) and (c), then (b) and (d) can be solved without any computation....
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