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3-3-08 - ➢ Physical symptoms ➢ Shame ➢ Changes in...

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Sex, Crime & Justice 3/3/08 Victim Treatment Victim Injury Physical Mental Battered Woman Syndrome Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Peacekeepers in relationships More dangerous to leave than to stay The woman believes that the violence was her fault Place the responsibility for the violence elsewhere Fears for her life and/or her children’s life Common characteristics Low self esteem Abuse is their fault Refuse to press charges Refuse help Acute Trauma Stage Disorientation Nightmares Difficulty concentrating Constant reliving of the assault Guilt and self blame Feelings of shock Emotional experience Extreme fear Extreme calm Outbursts of anger Depression 1 in 8 attempt suicide
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Unformatted text preview: ➢ Physical symptoms ➢ Shame ➢ Changes in social and sexual functioning Less trusting ➢ Self-destructive behavior Might start drug use Trial ➢ Myth of sexual assault ➢ Convey the evidence to the jury ➢ Victim injury Child witness ➢ Victim services ➢ Psychological disorders Common responses from a child victim ➢ Confusion ➢ Self blame ➢ Betrayal ➢ Powerlessness Additional problems ➢ Testifying in court ➢ Lack of family support ➢ Lack of other evidence Why children don’t disclose ➢ Ability to tell truth from fantasy ➢ Child needs to have good capacity ➢ Memory of event ➢ Threats ➢ Guilt trip...
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3-3-08 - ➢ Physical symptoms ➢ Shame ➢ Changes in...

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