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Sample of Multiple Choices Questions Circle the proper answer to each question Which of the following is not true: a. A feasible solution satisfies all constraints b. An optimal solution satisfies all constraints c. An infeasible solution violates all constraints d. A feasible solution points does not have to lie on the boundary of the feasible region The amount that the objective function coefficient of a decision variable would have to improve before that variable would have a positive value in the solution is the a. shadow price b. allowable increase c. reduced cost d. slack variable When formulating transportation problem on a spreadsheet (e.g. Excel), which of the following are necessary? a. a parameter table. b. a network representation. c. a solution table. d. a and b only. e. a and c only.
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Unformatted text preview: f. all of the above. • Let Xij = the production of product i in period j. To specify that production of product 1 in period 3 and in period 4 differs by no more that 100 units. g. X 13 – X 14 < 100; X 14 – X 13 < 100. h. X 13 – X 14 < 100; X 13 – X 14 > 100. i. X 13 – X 14 < 100; X 14 – X 13 > 100. j. X 13 – X 14 > 100; X 14 – X 13 > 100. • There is shadow price for every decision variable in a model a. True b. False • Because the shadow price represents the improvement in the value of the optimal solution per unit increase in right-hand side, a shadow price cannot be negative a. True b. False • Demand constraints frequently take the form: Beginning inventory + production - ending inventory = demand a. True b. False...
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