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WebCT Quiz .. 1 of 3 02/04/2006 12:31 PM Name: BRYCE JONES Start time: April 2, 2006 1:31pm Number of questions: 11 Finish Help Question 1 (1 point) For a certain metal alloy it is known that the kinetics of recrystallization obey the Avrami equation and that the value of k is 2.55 x 10 -6 (time in seconds). At a certain temperature the rate of recrystallization is 2.20x 10 -3 s -1 . What total time (in s) is required for 90% of the reaction to be complete? Use decimal notation, digits after decimal: 0 Answer: Units: Save answer Question 2 (1 point) Which of the following describes a eutectoid reaction? a. Diffusion-dependent with a change in phase composition. b. Diffusionless. c. Diffusion-dependent with no change in phase composition. Save answer Question 3 (1 point) Consider the TTT diagram for a steel of eutectoid composition (Fig. 10.13 in the text). What phases will be present if the material is given the following heat treatment: annealed at 800 C, cooled rapidly to 350 C and held for 10 s heated rapidly to 650 C and held for 1 h cooled rapidly to room temperature Enter the letter or letters corresponding to the microconstituents and phases that will result from this heat treatment. a. pearlite
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Assignment 6 - WebCT Quiz...

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