Materials Assignement 2 Attempt 1

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WebCT Quiz Homepage .. 1 of 3 02/02/2006 11:51 PM View Results Name: BRYCE JONES Attempt: 1 / 3 Out of: 16 Started: January 29, 2006 2:33pm Finished: February 2, 2006 10:55pm Time spent: 104 hr, 21 min., 48 sec. Question 1 (1 point) _________________ point defects occur when impurity atoms fill the voids or interstices between host atoms in the crystal structure. Student response: No. Student response Grade Correct answer (Value) 1. Interstitial 100% Answer evaluated by the formula. (100%) General feedback: Interstitial point defects involve impurity atoms filling the voids between atoms in the regular crystal lattice. See page 69 in the text. Score: 1 / 1 Question 2 (2 points) How many vacancies are present in a cubic meter of a material with the following properties at 556°C? The energy for vacancy formation is 1.41 eV/atom. The density of the material is 13.1 g/cm 3 . The atomic weight of the material is 174 g/mol. Use scientific notation, significant figures in answer: 3 Student response: 1.23e20 Correct answer: 1.22E20 (1.22 * 10 20 ) General feedback: See page 67-68 of the text book for a similar example. Score: 2 / 2 Question 3 (1 point) Find the composition in weight percent (wt%) of the copper in an aluminum-copper alloy that consists of 74.52 at% aluminum. Use decimal notation, digits after decimal: 2 Student response: 44.61 wt% Correct answer: 44.61 wt% General feedback: For help on composition conversions, please see page 71 of the textbook. An example similar to this question is given on page 73. Score:
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Materials Assignement 2 Attempt 1 - WebCT Quiz Homepage...

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