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Unformatted text preview: Bb McGraw-Hill Campus - 202020 X McGraw-Hill Education Campus X McGraw-Hill Connect Math X ALEKS X + C JiUKBxLvW4XBHG_rJh6yG8DdLLnTcjQCBcUrkySBb9EcAkZ5pv4T18-h1XB-6ROKVCHmlcUE3NoM-sy1NiQ... Apps CalculateMyGrade.... Free online bibliogr Central Church of.. Lu Liberty University... Christian Quotes [... f Facebook First National Bank... kilibarov's YouTube... AKKopAbl rpynnbl... Sample Question A store has a sale with 30% off every item. When you enter the store, you receive a coupon that states that you receive an additional 30% off. Is this equal to a 60% discount? Explain your answer. Explanation Procedure for Finding Percent Increase or Decrease Step 1 Find the amount of the increase or the decrease. Step 2 Make a fraction as shown. Amount of increase Amount of decrease Original amount or Original amount Step 3 Change the fraction to a percent. Let's say that an item was originally priced at $ 100.00. (Note: any price can be used.) Step 1: Find the amount of decrease. First find the discount amount. Discount = rate x selling price =30% x $100.00 =0.30 x $100.00 = $30.00 Then find the reduced price....
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