MATLS 1M03 - WebCT - Assignment 4 - Try 1

MATLS 1M03 - WebCT - Assignment 4 - Try 1 - WebCT Quiz...

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WebCT Quiz Homepage .. 1 of 4 04/03/2007 12:43 PM View Results Name: AARON MURENBEELD Attempt: 1 / 3 Out of: 13 Started: February 25, 2007 6:10pm Finished: March 4, 2007 12:43pm Time spent: 162 hr, 32 min., 35 sec. Question 1 (2 points) Consider a brass alloy the stress-strain behavior of which is shown below. A cylindrical specimen of this alloy 12.8 mm in diameter and 109.1 mm long is pulled in tension; after the load is released the final length is 109.3 mm. Calculate the magnitude of the load (in N) necessary to cause this elongation elastically. Student response: Percent Value Correct Response Student Response Answer Choices 100.0% a. 19,000 N 0.0% b. 17,000N 0.0% c. 23,000 N 0.0% d. 25,000 N General feedback: Find the strain using the equation in 6.2 Concepts of Stress and Strain . Intercept this strain with the stress-strain curve to find the approximate stress. Multiply the stress by the cross-sectional area to find the force needed to produce the given elongation. Score: 0 / 2 ( Question not answered. ) Question 2 (1 point) If you used a 10 mm-diameter Brinell hardness indenter and a load of 391 kg, what would be the diameter (in mm) of the indentation that would yield a hardness of 459 HB? Use decimal notation, digits after decimal: 2 Student response: Not answered Correct answer: 1.04 mm General feedback: Brinell hardness can be calculated using the following equation: Remember to measure the diameters of the indenter and indentation in mm. For more information, see the section on Hardness in the text.
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MATLS 1M03 - WebCT - Assignment 4 - Try 1 - WebCT Quiz...

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