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Name -~. ..;. ... PRINCIPLES OF ACCOUNTING II SPRING 2009 EXAM NO.3 (Jipri{ 7, 2009) Instructions: 1 Turn off all electronic devices and cell phones. Cell phones cannot be used as a calculator. 2 If you are wearing a baseball cap, please take it off or turn it backward. 3 The use of a programmable calculator during this exam is a prohibited. Violators will receive a 0 (zero) for this exam. 4 Make certain that your exam has all 10 pages, including this cover page and an optical scanning answer sheet. 5 Mark your name on the optical scanning answer sheet. 6 This examination contains 33 multiple-choice questions @ 2 points each for a total of 66 points. You should answer all of the questions even when you are not certain ofthe correct answer. You have no chance of receiving credit for any questions that you do not answer. 7 Answer all of the questions on the optical scanning sheet. Answers shown elsewhere will not be considered. Be sure to use a number 2 pencil. 8 You have one hour to complete this exam. Academic Integrity Students have the responsibility to know and observe the requirements of The UNCC Code of Student Academic Integrity. This code forbids cheating. fabrication or falsification of information. multiple submission of academic work. plagiarism. abuse of academic materials, and complicity in academic dishonesty. Any special requirements or permission regarding academic integrity in this course will be stated by the instructor and are binding on the students. Academic evaluations in this course include a judgment that the student's work is free from academic dishonesty of any type; and grades in this course therefore should be and will be adversely affected by academic dishonesty. Students who violate the code can be expelled from UNCC. The normal penalty for a first offense is zero credit on the work involving dishonesty and further substantial reduction of the course grade. In almost all cases the course grade is reduced to F. Copies of the code can be obtained from the Dean of Students Office. Standards of academic integrity will be enforced in this course. Students are expected to report cases of academic dishonesty to the course instructor. A-I
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------- Select the best answer for each ofthe following questions. Circle your answer choice on this test booklet and mark theqppropriate bubble on the answer sheet provided. 1. Which of the following represents the nonnal sequence in which the below budgets are prepared? .. Sales, Statement of Retained Earnings, Balance Sheet, Income Statement B) Balance Sheet, Sales, Income Statement, Statement ofRetained Earnings C) Sales, Income Statement, Statement of Retained Earnings, Balance Sheet D) Income Statement, Statement ofRetained Earnings, Sales, Balance Sheet 2. Which of the following is an advantage of implementing a self-imposed budgeting system? A) Budgeting is quick and easy because only a few individuals are involved in the budgeting
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