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Final Review - Lecture Review

Final Review - Lecture Review - Chapter 1 Definition of...

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Chapter 1: Definition of organizations Need technical skills Organizational behavior-predict human behavior Cause and effect in organizations Behavior is predictable Behavior depends on situation Definition of systematic study Chapter 2: Difference between type A and type B, 50% of people in North America are type A Operant conditioning-function of consequences Definition of social learning Self-monitoring=extent to which a person observes own behavior and adapts it to a situation Chapter 3: Perception-sensory impression Define stereotyping Type A has internal locus of control Define self-serving bias Define fundamental attribution error- ex: boss blames you for being late when it was traffic Chapter 4: Commitment=good predictor of turnover is TRUE Instrumental and terminal values 3 components of attitude: cognitive, affective, behavioral Cognitive dissonance- conflict of values and behavior Chapter 5: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human needs -fill 1 level to move on to the next - know exact steps Define self-actualization Motivator=achievement McClelland’s Needs Theory High need for power means low need for affiliation Goals must be attainable Equity Theory-simple and fair Chapter 6: Stress=uncertainty and importance High stress=low efficiency Types of stress=physiological, psychological, and behavioral
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  • Spring '08
  • Dahlstrom
  • Define groupthink Chapter, systematic study Chapter, Define self-serving bias, Define self-actualization Motivator=achievement, Collaborating-both high Chapter

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Final Review - Lecture Review - Chapter 1 Definition of...

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