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Marketing Worksheet Instructions - Additional Information...

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Additional Information and Directions for Completing the Marketing Worksheets If you check the Recitation Assignment sheet posted here on Blackboard, you will see that the Marketing Worksheet is due on Monday, November 30 (The Monday after the Thanksgiving Break.). [ All Marketing Worksheet assignments should be based on the updated case study material posted on Blackboard, and NOT on your suggested businesses from the Operations Worksheets. ] GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS I strongly suggest that you read all the way through these instructions before you begin work on the marketing worksheets. It will help you know where you are headed, and will help you understand WHY you are asked to take each of these “building” steps along the way. The updated case materials outline a business with three components: (1) a Second Life (SL) “real estate” busi- ness, in which Will leases land on his island (possibly with buildings provided to serve the needs of the clients), for short periods of time - possibly as little a three months; (2) an SL tutoring service for high school students, at which young people with avatars can get help with homework, preparation for exams, mastery of difficult con- cepts, and consultations on term papers and science projects; and (3) an SL business consulting service in which new SL entrepreneurs can get expert help in establishing SL businesses, or SL presences for real-world busi- nesses. The entire worksheet is a method of “assembling” the elements that one might need in order to prepare a “market- ing piece” for Will’s business(es). You may elect to concentrate on one (or two) of the businesses, or all three - Just remember that the final part of the assignment is the preparation of a “tri-fold brochure” promoting the business/part of the business you’ve been discussing. Instructions for Market Segmentation Worksheet (Learning Guide, pp. 313-316) On these pages, you should choose three different market segments to address in detail. In the box at the upper group of students studying a particular subject, a group with a particular background that you are targeting, a group with particular attitudes or with an interest in a particular outcome . . . or a combination of more than one of those. Choose one market segment for each of the three businesses. Once you’ve decided on a group, use the
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Marketing Worksheet Instructions - Additional Information...

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