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Exam Answer1 - BIOL 3143 Mid-term#1 February 1 2005...

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BIOL 3143 Mid-term #1 February 1, 2005 Professor: Trevor Avery Answers Instructions 1) Answer each question; some short answer questions have a choice of part A or part B. 2) There are four parts to the test: definitions, multiple choice, true/false and short answer. 3) Short answer questions can be done in point form if the answer is presented in a logical order! 4) The shotgun effect will not work and may result in a reduced mark. 5) More space? Use the back of the last page and provide the question number. Part A) Definitions Define the following terms. Only a few words are necessary in most cases. 1) Ethology (either answer is OK - although b) is weak!) a) study of “how” and “why” animals behave to gain views into adaptive strategies, reproductive strategies, and energy requirements b) the study of animal behaviour 2) George John Romanes (must include the idea of founding comparative phsychology) coined the term, and laid the foundation of, comparative psychology; postulated a similarity of cognitive processes and mechanisms between humans and animals; we are closer to “animals” than we think!; anthropomorphic – only anecdotal = no support 3) gene flow (must include the concept of movement of organisms/genes from one area to another) movement (of organisms) from one population to another 4) microevolution (at the population or species level) genetic changes within populations or species 5) standard deviation estimate of the variability of a sample 6) genes (what they are, not how they work) section of DNA with a particular function
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Part B) Multiple Choice There is only one (1) correct answer for each question. 7) A null hypothesis (H
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Exam Answer1 - BIOL 3143 Mid-term#1 February 1 2005...

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