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1 Name _____________________________________________________ Animal Behaviour BIOL 3143 Sample Questions TRANSLATORS ARE NOT ALLOWED. Please read questions carefully. Don’t provide more responses than asked for because you will lose marks for incorrect extras (e.g., you would get zero if you answered true AND false to a true-false question), but please guess if you haven’t filled in an answer. Use point form where possible, but ensure that I can determine whether you know of what you write. Assume that you believe in evolution by natural selection in answering questions. If you
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Unformatted text preview: use pencil, this may make re-marking more difficult. Feel free to direct me to back of page for answers. Ask if something is unclear. One hypothesis for reproductive restraint in langurs is that inferior individuals forgo breeding so that quality of the species’ gene pool will not be diminished. Give a prediction that this hypothesis makes as it relates to langur social structure, and indicate whether it has been supported by any evidence. 3 Explain what is meant by the “ideal free distribution”, and the assumptions that must be met before it can occur. 3...
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