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SAMPLE QUIZ MEMS 2007 – CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY Answer the following multiple choice questions selecting the most appropriate and direct answer. Q1 . Which of the two basic fabrication principles: a) bulk machining and b) surface machining could be used to integrate mechanical and electrical systems on the same chip? 1) a 2) b 3) a and b 4) none Q2. What is the fabrication principle that enables the fabrication of a membrane as the one illustrated below? a) bulk micromachining b) surface micromachining c) both d) none of them Q3. The figure below represents a cantilever beam that has been released and has curved up. What type of stress is dominantly built in the cantilever’s top layer?
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a) tensile stress b) compressive stress c) bending stress d) shear stress Q4. Assume a 500 μm thick (100) orientation wafer. You wish to make a hole through the wafer in the shape of a inverted pyramid as the ones performe by anisotropic etching gent (the output hole is very small as illustrated in figure below). What is the minimum size will enable this geometry generation?
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