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ENGR 653: FINITE ELEMENT METHOD IN STRUCTURAL MECHANICS Instructor: D r . K. H. HA Winter - January 2010 Office: EV-06.157 Tel: (514) 848-2424 (Ext. 3193) Email: [email protected] OFFICE HOURS: Tuesday: 4PM-5PM & Wednesday: 12PM-1PM, or by appointment Course Objective : To study the concepts of the finite element method and its aplications. COURSE OUTLINE: Chapter 1. Fundamental Concepts 1. System Stiffness Equation 2. Principle of Virtual Work 3. Finite Element Formulation by Virtual Work Principle 4. Shape Functions and Natural Coordinates 5. The Concept of Element's Nodal Forces 6. Second Order Boundary Value Problems Chapter 2. Two-Dimensional Problems 1.The Overall Solution Procedure 2. Constant Strain Triangular Element 3. Convergence and Accuracy 4. Isoparametric Quadrilateral Elements 5. Mesh Generation Program: MESHGEN.FE 6. Finite Element Modeling 7. Elasticity Matrices 8. Axisymmetric 3-D Solid Chapter 3. Higher-Order Parametric Elements 1. Shape Functions in Natural
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