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Assignment 1 Wired

Assignment 1 Wired - Memorandum To From Date Subject Mr...

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Memorandum To: Mr. Dials From: Michele Rhoads Date: 9/9/08 Subject: Assignment 1 “Wired” Topic: WIRED, “New Rules for the New Economy” In a 1997 article of “Wired” magazine, “New Rules for the New Economy,” Kevin Kelly talks about the emerging economic order as being the new Network Economy and how this “Digital Revolution” is transforming the information economy into a more diverse way of life. In his article, Kevin Kelly proceeds to outline “Twelve dependable principles for thriving in a turbulent world.” The principle I found most interesting and want to share with you is principle number seven, “The Law of Generosity.” The concept of “The Law of Generosity” is “follow the free.” This principle is intriguing and gives me the opportunity to consider today business practices. Many businesses today advertise “free” as their hook phrase. Wireless companies advertise free phones to lure customers in their doors. The phone
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