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Session 13 Chapter 17 Performance and Breach of the Sales Contract Chapter Outcomes 1. Discuss, in general, the obligations of the parties to a sales contract. 2. Determine whether the requirements for tender of delivery and tender of payment have been met in given cases. 3. Explain the buyer's right to inspect goods. 4. Describe the buyer's rights and duties when improper goods are delivered. 5. Judge, in given cases, whether the seller has the right to correct an improper tender of delivery. 6. Compare the remedies that are available to the seller with those available to the
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Unformatted text preview: buyer when sales contracts are breached. Major Concepts Obligations of the Parties Tender of Performance Buyer's Rights and Duties upon Delivery of Improper Goods Seller's Right to Cure Improper Tender Breach of Contract Assignments 1. Read the chapter. 2. Review PowerPoint slides for Chapter 17 . 3. Review the Key Terms. 4. Complete any postings on the discussion board. 5. Complete Chapter 17 quiz by deadline....
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