Session 9 - 12. Identify the legal rights given to...

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Session 9 Chapter 12 and 13 Written Contracts Third Parties in Contract Law Chapter 12 Outcomes 1. Point out the abuses that the Statute of Frauds was designed to eliminate. 2. Identify agreements that must be written under the Statute of Frauds. 3. List the information that must be in a written contract. 4. Explain the parole evidence rule. 5. Describe the exceptions under the parole evidence rule. 6. Explain the best evidence rule. 7. Explain the equal dignities rule. 8. Illustrate various methods of writing a signature. 9. Discuss the use of witnesses, acknowledgements, the seal, and recording. 10. Identify the most current cybercommerce laws. Major Concepts The Statute of Frauds Legal Rules for Written Contracts Formalities of Construction Cybercommerce and the Requirement of a Writing Chapter 13 Outcomes 11. Explain the legal rights given to intended beneficiaries.
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Unformatted text preview: 12. Identify the legal rights given to incidental beneficiaries. 13. Explain the assignment of rights. 14. Explain the delegation of duties. 15. Identify the three parties in an assignment. 16. Indicate who is responsible for giving notice of an assignment. 17. Explain the obligations of the parties to an assignment. 18. Identify contracts that cannot be assigned. 19. Explain the nature of a novation. 20. Distinguish between a novation and an assignment. Major Concepts Contracts and Third Parties The Law of Assignment Assignment Rights, Duties, and Restrictions Assignments 1. Read the chapters. 2. Review PowerPoint slides for Chapter 12 and Chapter 13 . 3. Review the Key Terms. 4. Complete any postings on the discussion board. 5. Complete quizzes for Chapter 12 and Chapter 13 by deadline....
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Session 9 - 12. Identify the legal rights given to...

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