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Session 5 Chapter 5 Tort Law Chapter Outcomes 1. Differentiate between the objectives of tort law and those of criminal law. 2. Discuss the element of duty. 3. Identify the principle intentional torts and outline the elements of each. 4. Determine the four elements of negligence. 5. Contrast contributory negligence, comparative negligence, and assumption of the risk. 6. Judge in a particular case whether the doctrine of strict liability applies. 7. Discuss the emerging concept of cybertort law. 8. Outline the various remedies available in tort law.
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Unformatted text preview: 9. Discuss the concept of damage caps. 10. Identify the principle innovations suggested for contemporary tort reform Major Concepts • Tort Law Defined • Intentional Torts • Negligence • Strict Liability • Cybertorts • Remedy for Torts • Tort Reform Assignments 1. Read the chapter. 2. Review PowerPoint slides. 3. Review the Key Terms. 4. Complete any postings on the discussion board. 5. Complete Chapter 5 quiz by deadline....
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