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Session 4 Chapter 4 Criminal Law Chapter Outcomes 1. Explain the purpose of criminal law. 2. Enumerate the various categories and classes of crimes. 3. Describe the nature of an act within the meaning of criminal liability. 4. Identify the four mental states that can be found in the criminal code. 5. Distinguish motive from the required elements of criminal liability. 6. Enumerate and explain the various crimes against people. 7. Distinguish between embezzlement and larceny by false pretenses.
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Define and explain the nature of cybercrime. 9. Explain the three standards for the insanity defense found in criminal law. 10. Outline the requirements of entrapment as a defense to criminal liability. Major Concepts • Definition and Classes of Crimes • Elements of a Crime • Specific Crimes • Cybercrimes • Defenses to Criminal Liability Assignments 1. Read the chapter. 2. Review PowerPoint slides. 3. Review the Key Terms. 4. Complete any postings on the discussion board. 5. Complete Chapter 4 quiz by deadline....
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