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I like the quiz format used in your course. The multiply attempt feature allows the student to improve one’s grade and accepts the highest score. Each chapter has 40 questions, so quiz 3-5 are repeated questions. This gives the student the opportunity to research incorrect answers. Plenty of time is given. This is good for a student who tends to stress while taking tests. Midterm/Final The test questions are taken from the quizzes Plenty of time is given for each test. Having the midterm open book and at home gives the student an idea of what the final will be like.
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Unformatted text preview: The text • The chapters are short and easy to read • The case examples are interesting and applied to text concepts • The Key Terms with page number are a tremendous help when taking the quiz/test This Course • Gave me a greater appreciation of the Judicial system and Law in general • A better understanding of contracts and contract law • Sales, purchases and ownership Changes • The only change I would suggest is having the student right a paragraph or paper on a case study of their choice....
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