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Strayer University Accounting Program Writing Assessment WRITING ASSESSMENT REQUIREMENTS: All students taking this section of ACC 307 will need to complete the following writing assignment: Go to the IRS website ( www.irs.gov ) and review the site. Look at all the research data available at this site. Once the review of the site has been complete, pick a topic from this site that is of interest to you and write a 1-2 page paper on that topic. Your sources should be sited using APA fashion. GRADE: This assignment will count as 50 points toward your final grade for ACC 307.
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Unformatted text preview: GRADING OF PAPER: Some of the things to consider before submitting your work: 1. Use complete sentences and proper grammar. 2. Cover the topic to the extent of providing a clear explanation to the reader. 3. Identify the relevance and reliability of the information discussed. 4. Follow Strayer University rules for citing sources in APA format. DUE DATE: This assignment is due by Wednesday mid-night of WEEK 10. If you finish this project before the final due date please submit it to the dropbox. A dropbox for WEEK 10 has been assigned to this project....
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