discussion - 100 hours of community service I thought this...

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Week 10: Property Transactions: Capital Gains and Losses, Section 1231, and Recapture Provisions - Discussion
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Discussion The "great recession" is still on-going. Based on your studies this quarter in taxation, what do you feel that Congress should do to get us out of the current situation. What tax changes would you recommend to help unemployment, consumer buying, and improve our quality of life? Your answers could include the benefits of rebates, tax credits, depreciation changes, or any other tax topics that would help pull this nation out the economic slump we are now facing. Please post your answers to this question and post a response to a minimum of one classmate's answer. President Obama during the preliminaries talked about a $4,000 education credit in exchange for
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Unformatted text preview: 100 hours of community service. I thought this was a great idea, not only because I am currently a student but also to inspire people of all ages to return to school. Having people return to school will heighten our educated middle class which in turn may spike our nation’s economy. I believe that tax return loophole should be eliminated. If the IRS adopted a “black and white” mentality, loopholes and tax fraud could potentially be a thing of the past. I read this semester that only 2% of all tax returns are audited. The IRS should offer a credit to those who have their tax return completed or varied by an outside source. This will offer more jobs to tax services and provide reassurance to the government....
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discussion - 100 hours of community service I thought this...

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