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ryan family - think I answered all your question if not...

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Federal Taxation Michele,  Moira did not have any wages---her income came from being self employed and will appear as  revenue on the Schedule C.  (that was the $511,900 we talked about last night).  On this problem they did  not pay any quarterly taxes.  Put down a rebate of $2,100 for the family being received.  Changing the  dates is OK--I think this helps alot and I know it is confusing using 2007 dates with 2008 software.  I will  adjust for that.  If you want to leave off the depreciation form for the business (Form 4562) and just type in  the depreciation on line 13 of Sch C of $130,352 it may help alot.  If you are going out of town tonight you  can turn this in by Tuesday evening of next week.  Email me and let me know when you turn your set in.  I 
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Unformatted text preview: think I answered all your question -- if not please let me know. I am sorry I am getting this to you late but my internet was out this morning due to storms. ACC 307—Summer 2009 Look at the following on Form 1040 Line 12 schedule C is incorrect Line 14 form 4797 is incorrect Line 15b is incorrect Line 16 is incorrect Line 17 schedule E is incorrect Line 40 itemized deductions are incorrect Line 53 energy credit is incorrect You can redo your tax return and resubmit prior to Wednesday midnight during WEEK 10. Hint: a lot of the answers for the above can be found in the CLP presentation made during August found under the chat section of the course home page....
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