Title a bunch - alone in suffering The older character...

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Katie Davidson Professor Nolan English II 03 September 2009 A Depressing, Well-Lighted Place With unique tone and style, Ernest Hemingway conveys a nihilistic message using three characters in “A Clean, Well-Lighted Place.” There are three major characters in the story: an old man, a young waiter, and an older waiter. The first character we are introduced to is the lonely old man who drowns his sorrows in drink. The young waiter is characterized by selfishness, having no sympathy for the old man keeping him from his children. His older colleague, in contrast, is a sympathetic man who is lonely and appreciates his quiet public workplace. The older waiter appreciates the old man’s situation and identifies with his loneliness with a certain resigned objectivity, understanding that while he is alone, he is not
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Unformatted text preview: alone in suffering. The older character believes that it “was all nothing and a man was a nothing too… [and it] was only that and light was all it needed and a certain cleanness and order” (Hemingway 159). Like the old man, the older waiter is lonely and understands needing a “clean, well-lighted” place to spend his lonely nights, drinking until dawn (Hemingway 160). Juxtaposed with the two older men, the young waiter comes across as cruel and unfeeling. The older waiter looks back on his own life and realizes the pettiness of his youthful endeavors, and acknowledges that he had “lived [life] and never felt it” (Hemingway 159). The older waiter separates himself from his younger counterpart, as they are of “two different kinds,” and indentifies himself with the old man....
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Title a bunch - alone in suffering The older character...

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