Title #2 - appear as if it is his choice to be unhappy when...

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Katie Davidson Professor Nolan English II 30 August 2009 Drawing Cathedrals: A Liberating Experience In Raymond Carver’s “The Cathedral,” I could not help but feel a tinge of sympathy for the narrator. When describing the blind man’s intimate relationship with his wife, there are undertones hinting at the narrator’s longing for a deeper connection with his wife underneath his emotional barrier. I found the narrator’s situation very relatable. The narrator is a crotchety, middle-aged man who has trouble expressing his emotions and does not really know how to relate to his wife. As a result, he is extremely jealous of all his wife’s past relationships. When the blind man comes to visit, he is immediately skeptical. The narrator dislikes the idea of anyone, especially a blind man, getting too close to his wife, and as defense mechanism, he becomes cynical and uncomfortable. The narrator tries to justify his own situation by making it
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Unformatted text preview: appear as if it is his choice to be unhappy when in reality, his deplorable situation is a result of his own emotional issues. In an attempt to avoid his nightly terrors, the narrator stays up watching a program on cathedrals, a topic in which he is not very interested. When the blind man requests that the narrator describe the cathedrals, he comes up short. Once the cathedral is illustrated, however, I sensed a shift in the narrators tone and attitude, and the narrator undergoes a spiritual awakening. Because I have related to the character throughout, I recognize even more so the importance of this particular awakening because the author has created a character with which I can identify. When he experiences this epiphany, he sees the world from a different, awakened perspective, and I can recognize it and be happy for him....
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Title #2 - appear as if it is his choice to be unhappy when...

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