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From: MIDN 4/C Davidson, USN To: LT Ball, USN Subject: Summer Seminar Detailer Ma’am: I would like to be afforded the opportunity to be a Summer Seminar Detailer to share my positive experience with prospective Naval Academy candidates while allowing me the opportunity to utilize the effective leadership techniques I have experienced. Summer Seminar was an integral part of my decision to attend the Naval Academy in that I was able to meet admirable and motivated individuals whom I aspired to be like. I am extremely enthusiastic about this program and all that it does for the aspiring Midshipman. I can contribute my personal experiences at not only the Academy but also the journey from high school to present with the upcoming seniors while bringing energy and motivation to the program. I have previous experiences leading. I was the editor of my high school newspaper—which
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Unformatted text preview: entailed distributing assignments and making strict deadlines. I also was the Band President and Jazz Band President, which included leading the band in front of various audiences while also providing the leadership to keep classes on task when the instructor was not present. I was also swim team captain where I used creative thinking to provide ways for the team to bond and become stronger not only in the pool but as a family as well. I am an active member of The Log and the Navy Women’s swim team. I am an extremely motivated individual who would love to be afforded the opportunity to be a mentor for high school students interested in the Academy. I can bring not only a very academic perspective to the table but also that of the athlete as well, and I can inspire the best candidates to apply to this great institution. Very Respectfully, K.E. Davidson MIDN USN...
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