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How to win a Rhodes

How to win a Rhodes - How to win a Rhodes 1 Experience...

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How to win a Rhodes 1. Experience abroad 2. 4.0, MUST HAVE A 3.7 END OF FRESHMAN YEAR! 3. Cocktail parties 4. Interviews 5. 8 professor recommendations 6. "an intrepid and resolute explorer" "a record of practical involvement in public affairs" "a marked ability to probe deeply and analytically; a demonstrated resourcefulness in exploring beyond the bounds of assignments" "her purpose is profoundly scholarly, but in no way remote or restricted to the ivory tower" "scientific and humanistic outreach and interrelationship of preparation so far" "refreshing firmness of views without being headstrong" "able to respond quickly, penetratingly, concisely and lucidly to a series of wide-ranging questions" "important subject, impressive preparation, convincing reason for going to Britain" "depth in his major and the right ancillary courses; his outside interests reflect his primary goal" "by no means a narrowly focused technician" "pragmatic minded" "mature in professional insights and self assessment" "has evidenced real leadership qualities" "well developed sense of proportion and moral passion" "marked commitment to and zeal in public service" "articulate, perceptive-not an ideologue nor an untempered idealist" "clearly expressed views of the place of technology in society; articulate, well-rounded" "well balanced, rather idealistic; activist as well as academic" "articulate, carefully reasoned answers. Idealistic but not inflexible. An advocate and an activist" General Preparation: The best candidates identify a graduate field that matches their demonstrated talents, interests, and ambitions early in the process . This requires significant reflection, mentorship, and research into graduate fields of study. 1/c year is too late. Students have approximately 15 days after their return to USNA in August to submit complete applications with letters of recommendation. With striper, ECA, and academic responsibilities, this is nearly impossible for students who are not at the 75% solution in May and at the 90%
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solution when they return. Multiple students missed scholarship deadlines or submitted sub-par
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How to win a Rhodes - How to win a Rhodes 1 Experience...

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