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Goals - Goals Whole time here goals 1 Be a top performer 2...

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Goals Whole time here goals: 1. Be a top performer 2. 4.0 3. Vgep 4. Don’t get distracted 5. Give back 6. Accountable for class rates 7. 5 stripes 8. Ncaa cut What I’m gonna do this year 1. Observe seniors enlisted leaders, mishipman, and officers and take good with bad 2. During counseling sesh, dosciss personal observations of good and poor examples of leadership 3. 90% or better 4. Detailed knowledge 5. Demonstate conversation understanding of world around you with current events 6. EI if struggling! 7. If succeeding, help! 8. Identify personal areas of weakness (self-critical & a little chatty) 9. Complete assigned tasks quickly and report to your leaders 10. Inform chain of command of welfare and activities in which you are involved 11. Respect authority/experience of upperclass 12. Sense of pride at Academy 13. Stay focused on a distant goal 14. Learn about great leaders and strive to emulate them
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15. Familiarize with history and traditions 16. Uninform representation 17. Be better on watch 18. High standards and discipline 19. Personal integrity
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