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Dear Salty Sam

Dear Salty Sam - As I see it there are several major...

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Dear Salty Sam, I’m writing to find out why Mids are so darn miserable in my classes. I can’t seem to figure it out. Is it the material, my teaching style? -Perplexed Pedant Dear Perplexed Pedant, Unless you’re teaching EE, Plebe Chemistry, or Boats, I’d say it’s a fair assumption that it is not the class. And unless you pass out tests like it’s Mardi Gras, speak in constant monotone, or laugh like SpongeBob, it’s also pretty safe to assume it’s not you. This then poses the question: why are Mids so miserable? We seem to have it made. Three square meals a day, a cozy place to sleep at night, free laundry service, free clothes, and other miscellaneous government funded things. I think we should clear up some of these disillusions.
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Unformatted text preview: As I see it, there are several major factors contributing to the apparent gloominess of the Brigade 1. The food (Beef Stroganoff. Need I say more?) 2. The racks or beds (of nails) 3. The lack of sleep (directly relating to the racks) 4. Chemistry: Plebes + Chemistry Misery → 5. The “hot outfits” 6. Double E: never has a letter inspired so much terror 7. We are miserable creatures, locked in the brig of the USS Bancroft. Our rear ends really are Navy equipment. We’re tough, brainwashed, hard-core devil dog, bloodsucking war machines, “ready to fight, ready to kill, ready to die but never will.” Now does any of that sound positive to you?...
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