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Dear Salty Sa1 - Need I say more 9 Beds of nails(and it’s...

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Dear Salty Sam, I’m trying to understand why Mids in my class are so darned miserable. I can’t seem to figure it out. Is it the material, my teaching style, do I smell? -Perplexed Pedant Dear Perplexed Pedant, If you’re teaching EE, Plebe Chemistry, or Boats then it’s you and the material and you likely stink as well. If not, and you don’t laugh like SpongeBob while passing out tests like candy at Mardi Gras, or speak in constant monotone like Ben Stein, it’s safe to assume it’s not you. So the real question is why are Mids so miserable? They seem to have it made. They get free tuition, three square meals a day, a cozy place to sleep, free laundry service, free clothing, and other miscellaneous government funded things. You’d think they’d be motivated, dedicated, and ready to go in every class every day. But this is not the case. Here are the top 10 factors contributing to the gloominess of the Brigade 10. Beef Stroganoff.
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Unformatted text preview: Need I say more? 9. Beds of nails (and it’s not like you can actually sleep under the sheets) 8. The lack of sleep. Doctors recommend 10 to 12 hours a day. On average, I’d say they get about four. Maybe. 7. Plebe chemistry. The reaction of plebes and chemistry yields misery 6. If you’re a firstie, it’s the sheer realization of the fact that you still have seven months to spend on the USS Bancroft. Sucks for you. 5. With super cool, super comfortable, easily maintainable white uniforms, who’d ever want to wear anything else? No shorts, no swim trunks, no flippy floppies…. 4. If YOU had to trek approximately 1.5 miles to retrieve your lab goggles, you’d be cranky too. 3. SMT, for those without the pleasure of a social (and by social, I mean access to hard liquor and the rough morning following) life. 2. Too much time to reflect while on watch. 1. The pervasive feeling you were supposed to be somewhere… 20 minutes ago....
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