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essay 3 revision sheet

essay 3 revision sheet - Cecilia Li Professor Powell ENRU...

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Cecilia Li Professor Powell ENRU 1100 9 February 2009 1. I changed the form of the infinitive in “whether it be dating or…” to “be it dating or…” in the first paragraph. I made this revision because the former is not correct. I consulted to page 834 in the Bedford to make my correction. I also added the transition “However” in the last sentence of the first paragraph. This change was necessary in order to show the shift in idea from the rest of the paragraph. I consulted page 95 of the Bedford to make this change. I also changed “would” to “could” in the first sentence of the second paragraph because “would” is the past form of “will” and “could” is the past form of “can”. “Could” is the correct one to use in this case because I am stating another possibility of a title for this show. I referred to page 799 in the Bedford to make this change. I removed the unnecessary comma and changed the transitional phrase in the second sentence of paragraph 2 because the comma usage is incorrect there. I
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