essay5 - people look less banal and dull, it added a spark...

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Li 1 Cecilia Li Professor Powell ENRU 1100 2 February 2009 Some Trends are Unlikely to Leave Side-swept bangs gained popularity within the past two years. It first became a trend when celebrities like Jessica Alba and Reese Witherspoon showed off this new hairstyle on the red carpet and other popular events. Soon after, people started imitating the hairstyle because they saw that these kinds of bangs looked good on celebrities and would also be able to help them conceal certain facial features while highlighting others. Another reason for its popularity is that they work in harmony with a wide range of hair accessories, from headbands to clips, hence people who never accessorized their hair now have the reason or excuse to do so. This trend revolutionized hairstyles because these bangs add a little something extra to a hairdo, as it has the same effect as adding an extra accessory such as a hairpin. This hairstyle made ordinary
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Unformatted text preview: people look less banal and dull, it added a spark to their overall image. These bangs also give the impression of a slimmer face because it the side bangs hide part of the face. For these reasons, almost every hairdresser would recommend the bangs to their clients. With this said, people who have discovered the prestige of these bangs usually Li 2 always get them from thereon. These bangs will continue to be on the rise as more people discover their advantages. They seem to be popular because the bangs benefit people more than other hairstyles have. The direction of this trend proves that it is unlikely for these bangs go out of fashion in the next few years. When it does go out of fashion, though, it will happen most likely because of a new hairstyle that will have the same effect, if not better. Word Count: 300...
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essay5 - people look less banal and dull, it added a spark...

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