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Cecilia Li Professor Powell ENRU 1100 14 April 2009 The Importance of Preservation In recent decades, humans have been altering the environment carelessly while drastically destroying animal habitats. This course of action has been fatal for many animals, causing them to lose their homes and, become endangered. Habitat loss is greatly accelerated and exacerbated by human activities and is one of the primary causes of the extinction of animals; therefore, protecting endangered species is a vital step in preventing them from becoming extinct. There have been efforts made by various organizations to save animal lives by fostering the preservation of wildlife and the reconstruction of their habitat elsewhere. According to the article “Report: Habitat loss hurting Colorado birds”, Colorado’s native birds are becoming endangered due to habitat loss and climate change. Some of the habitat loss is because of “fragmentation from suburban development and energy development, but other factors including climate change and the mountain pine beetle epidemic, may be the biggest concern. ..”, Dave Klute noted. (Berwyn) These birds depend on their habitats in the islands to survive and they will not have anywhere to go if they ceased to exist. Even though similar habitats exist elsewhere, these birds can only survive on these islands because they are not of the same quality. This makes natural habitats very important for the survival of indigenous species. Though habitat degradation is detrimental to many animals, individual organizations make a great effort
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to save them. Our own government is a prime example of such organization making an effort. It
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MPA1 - Cecilia Li Professor Powell ENRU 1100 14 April 2009...

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