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MPA2 - Cecilia Li Professor Powell ENRU 1100 23 April 2009...

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Cecilia Li Professor Powell ENRU 1100 23 April 2009 Darwinism in Reality: A Step Backward The townspeople of Mwanza, Tanzania are very fortunate and content when they can find work in the fishing industry, even if they have to conduct unpleasant and even repulsive jobs. That is just what a local woman does in Hubert Sauper’s movie: Darwin’s Nightmare . Every morning, she sorts through the rotting, maggot-infested fish slag, and mounts them on meters of wooden racks to dry. When Sauper and his camera crew follow the woman on her job, her surrounding is a catastrophe seen in gory, grotesque detail: like a post-apocalyptic landscape. The local people of Mwanza would prefer to work for the fishing industry than any other because it pays better than other low paying jobs do. Third world countries like Tanzania work hard to keep the supplies in developed countries, yet their people earn significantly less than minimum wage. All these images serve to depict the terrible circumstances that cripple social advancement in Tanzania. Thus Hubert Sauper effectively portrays globalization as a harrowing negative phenomenon that adversely affects developing countries. Even though the film lacks a guiding voice to form the viewer’s opinion, Sauper still managed to get his point across through images that clearly indicate a bias. Sauper selects scenes of a pretty young Mwanza prostitute named Eliza who chooses to go into prostitution to make easy money, as she makes $10 a date from Russian and Australian pilots who fly the fish out (Burr). Pleasing the pilots is much
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easier than working as tiresome workers in the fishing industry, when they make less than half the amount of a prostitute. Many women in Mwanza choose to go into prostitution
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