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Transitions - it had a better overall ambiance The noise...

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Cecilia Li Professor Powell ENRU 1100 23 February 2009 Transitions 1. UGG’s are not only for women, as they even make slippers or dress shoes for men. Their boots come in various colors, patterns, and sizes. Regardless of their variety, there are still many people who find the boots to be unflattering or boring. 2. The trend of UGG boots has had a big impact on shoe fashion because many cheaper versions of the boot can be found in stores. 3. Even though this show is about friends, the title of the show “Friends” is very blunt and to the point. 4. I enjoyed the Italian restaurant more than the university cafeteria because
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Unformatted text preview: it had a better overall ambiance. The noise level, the decorations, and people’s respectfulness were all factors that contributed to the restaurant being the better of the two. 5. When I sit in the cafeteria with my friends we eat and talk, it’s a fantastic place to catch up with your friends. 6. While the title Central Perk features the setting of the show, it leaves out the main premise. Some shows are mainly about action, others about drama, but Friends is mainly about it's characters...
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