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Unformatted text preview: SPECIAL SECTION 2: NAMES AND FORMULAS OF IONIC COMPOUNDS It is particularly important in any chemistry laboratory course that you know the names and formulas of the chemicals you use. Many of the chemicals you will use in this course are ionic compounds. In this section you will see a systematic way to obtain the names and formulas of ionic compounds. The name and formula of any ionic compound is based on the names and formulas of the ions in it. Table 1 shows the names and formulas of some common ions and should be memorized. Table 1 _ M Names and F ormulm of Common Ions Formula Name Formula Name m Ag+ Silver Fe3+ Iron ([11) 2413+ Aluminum K+ Potassium Ca2+ Calcium Mg2+ Magnesium CuJr Copper (1) Na+ Sodium Cu2+ Copper (11) NH: Ammonium F62+ Iron (H) 2112+ Zinc Anions CHSCOO' Acetate N02“ Nitrite Br' Bromide 02‘ Oxide (3103' Chlorate OH' Hydroxide Cl' Chloride P04} Phosphate €03?" Carbonate 3042' Sulfate F' Fluoride sz' Sulfide I' iodide s03} Sulfite N03‘ Nitrate 23 ...
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