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Chemistry 111 Homework #1 Due: September 07, 2005 (Wednesday) 10:15 a.m. on Blackboard Some corrections and comments : The answers to problem 5 have been fixed, and a new homework with the correct values posted. For problem 1, enter the positive value. The Law of Definite Composition = The Law of Definite Proportions. Some people call it one thing and some the other At least one person has had trouble with a printer not doing symbols correctly. Please double check that your printed version matches the one on your screen, if you get something funky.
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Unformatted text preview: Yes, question 16 refers to question 15, not to itself. Yes, you can ignore the mass of the air initially in the soccer ball on problem 19 (you should be able to figure this out, actually include it and see if it makes a difference) Problem 38 says "ethane gas" but gives the formula for glucose. You should use the formula glucose to answer the problem I am pretty sure that you should not need scientific notation the problems were designed that way. Do not try to use scientific notation to enter your answers....
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