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Chemistry 111 Homework #1 Due: September 07, 2005 (Wednesday) 10:15 a.m. on Blackboard Some corrections and comments : The answers to problem 5 have been fixed, and a new homework with the correct values posted. For problem 1, enter the positive value. The Law of Definite Composition = The Law of Definite Proportions. Some people call it one thing and some the other At least one person has had trouble with a printer not doing symbols correctly. Please double check that your printed version matches the one on your screen, if you get something funky.
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Unformatted text preview: • Yes, question 16 refers to question 15, not to itself. • Yes, you can ignore the mass of the air initially in the soccer ball on problem 19 (you should be able to figure this out, actually – include it and see if it makes a difference) • Problem 38 says "ethane gas" but gives the formula for glucose. You should use the formula – glucose – to answer the problem • I am pretty sure that you should not need scientific notation – the problems were designed that way. Do not try to use scientific notation to enter your answers....
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