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CHEMISTRY 111 PRINCIPLES OF CHEMISTRY FOR ENGINEERS Fall, 2005 Case Western Reserve University Cleveland, OH Instructor. Professor M. C. Simpson 368-1911 [email protected] Supplemental Instructors: Tom Teets [email protected] Megan Chirby [email protected] Tim Franke [email protected] Greg Minwell [email protected] Office Hours. Held in "Doc's Place" room 205 in Millis Science Center Monday – Friday 11:30-1:30 pm. Appointments and PODs. Classes. Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10:30-11:20 Tuesday 10:00-11:15 In Strosacker Auditorium Textbook. Oxtoby, Gillis and Nachtrieb Principles of Modern Chemistry Fifth Ed. Thomson Learning; Brooks/Cole, 2002. This textbook is required for this class. WebResources. Course website can be found at: Blackboard website: This course uses Blackboard heavily. Please log in to the Blackboard site and find this course. You must activate your Case user-ID and email address to use Blackboard! Please do this TODAY! The student manual for the Blackboard site can be found at ** This class is very large ** ** Please be courteous to your fellow classmates** Please Æ arrive on time turn off your cell phone before class (I reserve the right to answer any cell phone that rings during my classes) refrain from conversation during lecture time
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CHEM 111 Fall, 2005 Prof. Simpson YOUR GRADE Exams. Four one-hour examinations are scheduled during the semester. They will be given on the following dates. 1.
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